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to the Blue Book of Migrant Children released on Tuesday by the Beijing-based 21st Century Education Research Institute.Statistics fr

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om the book show that the Chinese migrant population had reached approximately 247 million by Oct 1, 2015, which means that one person o

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ut of six in China is a migrant."Their children's living conditions and educati▓on should receive more attention, as the cou▓ntry is wor

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king toward the goal of building a mod▓erately well-off society," said Xie Shouguang, dire▓ctor of Social Sciences Academic Press, which published the blue book.A national plan on urbanization▓ released by the central government in March 2014 stipulated that financial support and teaching res▓ources should be offered to enable most migrant childre?/p>

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work.The book reveals that nearly 80 percent of the migrant▓ children are a

ble to receive education at state run public schools.However over 2 million ▓migran

t children living in cities are st▓ill not able to enroll in local public schools

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